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About Us
At Balanced Therapeutics Massage there is a variety of massage treatments to better suit the wide assortment of client's needs. During or before the session you may ask the therapist about any of the treatments.
Sports massage: 
Pre event is used to warm/ loosen up muscles and connective tissues before a training session or athletic event and thus prevent injury to over tight / overused tissues. Post event is used to recover from an athletic event/training session by flushing out the lactic acid in the body that was built up from the event. 
Therapeutic massage/ deep tissue:
is treatment for 1 - 4 specific parts of the body   to relieve/ decrease pain in muscles and joints, increase range of motion that is pain free, increase productive sleep, improve posture, decrease swelling, increase circulation, increase muscle longevity, promote deeper breathing and decrease psychological and physical stress.
Relaxation massage:
is a general treatment to relieve stress, increase sleep and increase circulation to the body. On the abdominals relaxation massage relieves constipation.
Pregnancy Massage:
is relaxation/therapeutic with the pregnant client positioned on her side. 
Infant Massage:
is a relaxation massage on infants. Teaching parents how to massage their infant is included.
Chair Massage:
is a dressed and oil less massage that focuses on: head, neck, back, buttocks, shoulders and arms.   It is used for stress relief and range of motion.
  • In clinic chair massage, the client would come to the clinic. 
  • For out reach chair massage, book ahead to have  the chair massage brought to you. Chair massage can also be outreached to a company for up to three days for 6 hours a day.  
  • It is important that the client comes 15 minutes before their first treatment time to conduct an assessment/ fill out papers. This will help Annora to have a baseline for the client's treatment.
  • The client must give the clinic a 24 hour cancellation notice or a fee will be charged
  • There will be a full appointment fee charged to the client for missed appointments without cancellation notice and the client will not be able to book another appointment until the missed treatment is paid for. (exceptions to the previous conditions may be granted in certain circumstances 
  • There is a "zero tolerance policy" for any harassment or abuse of the therapist
  • All information given by the client will be kept confidential unless otherwise stated by client
  • Clients that are underage must provide a letter of consent by a legal guardian/ parent
  • Clients can undress to their level of comfort, proper draping is ensured.
  • Massage pressure is up to the client
Massage knows no age limit. A person can go for a massage whether they are 3 weeks to over 100 years of age. However there are some kinds of conditions that massage is detrimental to. These are:
Acute pneumonia, advanced kidney/ respiratory/ failure, diabetes with gangrene or unstable high blood pressure,
Eclampsia, hemophilia, hemorrhage, unstabilized post CVA/ heart attack, Severe atherosclerosis, severe headaches (over age 50)
non stable high blood pressure, shock, high fever and severe contagious conditions.

Please advise the therapist prior to seeking a massage if you have any of these conditions.

Monday : 1 pm-8 pm
Tuesday: 1-6 pm
Wednesday :9 am- 12 pm
Thursday: 9 am- 12 pm
Friday: 9 am- 12 pm
Sat:  9 am -12 pm
Sun: closed
30 minute: relaxation / therapeutic massage -
 $ 31.50 

45 minute: relaxation/ therapeutic massage -
$  47.25

60 minute: relaxation/ therapeutic massage  
 $  63

90 minute: relaxation/ Therapeutic massage  
$  96

45 minute pregnancy massage      
 $ 47.25

60 minute pregnancy massage      
 $  63

90 minute  pregnancy massage                   
$  96

45 minute infant massage/ teaching             
$  63

45 minute on site infant massage/teaching  
  $ 84.00

30 minute in clinic chair massage                
$  31.50  

30 minute on site chair massage                 
$  52.50
20 minute pre event sport massage            
 $  21

20 minute post event sport massage          
 $  21

Balance therapeutics massage does not currently own a debit machine. Cash and cheques are accepted. 

Balanced Therapeutics Massage now 
directs bill through Alberta Blue Cross. 
Receipts are provided for all insurance companies  
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